Requests for information or contacts

Please inform the Editor if you able to answer any of these requests and if the request has been answered. Thank you.

Bentley Cup

According to the HOBA Bulletin 2 of March 1950, the Bentley Cup for Fieldcraft was presented by the parents of David Bentley [Heath 1943–1947] who died suddenly in December 1947.

His niece is seeking further information on the Cup. If you know anything about it being awarded and for what types of work, we would love to hear from you.

Andrew Connell [Heath 1958–1965] says, “In 1965 I put in an entry for my house, Queen’s, which I think won, an illustrated essay on ‘Old Houses of Heptonstall’.” Can anyone provide any further information?

Request printed Newsletter

In view of the dwindling numbers receiving the printed edition of the Newsletter, your committee has decided not print a run of HOBA Newsletters but to supply them individually on request. If you know an Old Boy not connected to the web who would like to receive a printed copy, please contact our Secretary, Jon Hamer, or the Newsletter Editor, whose postal address is on the Contact page.

Steven Halliday [Heath 1965–1972]

Michael Knight [Crossley and Porter G.S. 1965–1972] is trying to track down and get in touch with Steve.

Steve was an outstanding rugby player (Yorkshire Schools 19 Group), and phenomenal shot putter. If Steve, or anyone who has his contact details, sees this, please get in touch with me by email or telephone (07914810869).

Colin Helliwell [Heath 1953–1960] writes:

I am searching for members of 5S 1957/58 and 6S 1958/60. I found Terry Rees from his letter on this site and then I was able to find Stuart Wilson and David Hollas. Between us we have named everyone else on the class photos we have; I can send you copies. I will continue to search on social media, etc. If you would like to contact me, privacy regulations mean you have to write to the Heath Old Boys Association website, and someone will pass your email on to me.

It was very enjoyable meeting my old classmates, all three of whom had successful and interesting lives. Hence my desire to meet a few more.

Ed Mackrill [Heath 1953–1960] has responded to Colin’s request:

The latest edition of HOBA Newsletter has just arrived, kindly forwarded by John Greenwood.

John was my best friend at Heath, 1953–1958, the years which Colin enquires about.

It is a strange coincidence that the three Heathens he has contacted so far were members of the school Fives Team and I was the fourth. Stuart Wilson and ‘Sam’ Hollas were first pair and I partnered Terry Rees.

I had the pleasure of ‘partnering’ Terry again when we shared a room in our West Didsbury ‘digs’ in our first term at Manchester University.

I think I can go much further back with Colin himself. Unless my memory is even worse than I thought it was; we both attended Pellon Lane Board School in the mid-40s.

My family moved to Illingworth in 1949 and I went to Moorside School, before ‘graduating’ to Heath in 1953.

Mention of Moorside prompts me to ask to be remembered to your distinguished Newsletter writer, Rod Eastwood. He was the year below me at Moorside and at Heath and even followed me to Manchester. I finally shook him off when I took up teaching in Manchester and I believe he returned to Halifax to teach at Heath.

Along with John Greenwood, another great friend and contemporary at Heath was Roger Timewell, who was in the 5S group with Colin.

Finally, like Don Hargreaves and Terry Rees, I too was awarded the Bottomley Prize. My esteemed classmates, Gordon Gledhill and Barry Collins walked off with the English and History Prizes; so I believe I was runner up.

Best regards,
Ed Mackrill (Edmund Christopher, or ‘Mac’, as I was back in the day).

Bottomley Prizes

Don Hargreaves [Heath 1953–1958] writes:

Whilst perusing some of my old text books I came across one “presented” to me which said I had been awarded a “Bottomley Prize.” I couldn’t think what I had done to deserve this or even what it meant. As I had left Heath to go into the Merchant Navy, I had missed any prize-giving; so how it came to me I have no idea.

I have trawled your excellent website and downloaded relevant copies of The Heathen but am no wiser. Could somebody please enlighten me?

Terry Rees [Heath 1953–1960] writes:

I too have one of these. It was awarded to those who had not received a form prize or subject prize but in the view of the teaching staff deserved something.

The strange case of Robert Hemblys-Scales

Robert Victor Hemblys-Scales appears once in the Heath archives when his departure from Heath Grammar School in 1939 to Christ’s College, Cambridge is mentioned and the next thirty years of his life as an intelligence officer and minor diplomat are very well documented.

But we have nothing about his early life or later life. Any information about these will be gratefully received.

Webster, Eric 1920–2005

Matthew Ambler would like to contact the family of Eric Webster to obtain their permission to reproduce one of his books.

Keith Harry Nixon [Heath 1941–1945]

From: Sally Corcoran

Hi I if you could help I am trying to find some information for my husband regarding his father who sadly passed away several years ago. He was a pupil at Heath Grammar between 1941 and 1946; his name was Keith Harry Nixon and his date of birth was 11 June 1930. If you could provide any information or help point us in the right direction I would be most grateful.

Kind Regards

Sally Nixon

Unfortunately, no class lists were prepared during the war. So we only have his date of admission, 11 September 1941, and departure, 30 July 1945.

John R Hudson

Peter Rawson [Heath 1961–66]]

In my year I remember David Baines, Keith Rutter, John Peel, John Eastwood, Podge Robertshaw, John Lees, John Rowley, Stuart Laycock, Pip Ryley and John (Rocker) Donaldson — I was at Ilkley sevens in 1961, I think, when Heath won.

Any of my school year out there? — get in touch with me.

Donald Speight Entwistle [Heath 1934–1941]

Do you have any records of Donald Speight Entwistle who was at Heath Grammar School in the late 1930s and may have gained a University Scholarship (possibly to Oxford) was unable to take up as he was called up for "service" in 2nd WW. He died recently and I am trying to help put together an Obituary of my Brother in Law. I hope you may be able to help.

David Harcourt-Smith

The records that we have show that Donald Speight Entwhistle was born on 8 June 1923, admitted on 18 September 1934 and left on 29 July 1941. Because publication of class lists was suspended during the war we do not have a published record of any academic success.

John R Hudson

Heath School Camp at St Helens Isle of Wight 1938/Leo Hodgson

I am contacting you on behalf of St Helens Historical Society on the I.O.W. of which I am the acting secretary.

Recently a photograph has come into our possession, via our local record office, from an old post card. It is named ‘Heath School Camp. At St.Helens, I.W. 1938.’ We are unable to identify which of the possible fields it is taken in.

I decided to ‘Google’ the caption and to my delight I cam up with your wonderful website! Specifically a letter from Phyllis Hodgson, on behalf of her husband Leo. I understand it originates from your 2003 news letter, I am of course very conscious that time catches up on all of us and that it may no longer be possible to contact this gentleman, but am hopeful that somewhere in you archives you may have some other information or photographs of your school’s visits to the Island, perhaps you could share something with us for our archives. A road name of where the camp was would even give us some clue.

We had two camps that provided camping holidays to schools and various associations, such as guides and scouts during the pre and post war period, my own memories date from the later, but it does not look as if it is from one of those. There were also several fields it may have been, some now provide extra housing to our expanding village. Carpenters and Duver roads are possibilities. Leo Hodgson entry describes it as ‘little tents and a large marquee.’

Forgive my boldness with my enquiry, Google has certainly made communication possible. I am hoping that you may be able to help us.

Kind regards
Sally Laverty

Rachel Besenyei, granddaughter of Gordon Sanderson [Heath 1934–1940], has sent us this photograph of the 1936 School camp.

John Illingworth [Heath 1962–67]

My name is John Dennis Illingworth, nickname ‘Strawbs,’ and I went to Heath September 1962 to July 1967.

I am at the age where thoughts are often with past friends and wondering where everybody got to! If there are any fellow ‘Heathens’ who remember me I would love to hear from them.

Kind Regards
John Illingworth.

David Andrew Wilson [Heath 1947–51]

Harry Wilson is desperate to trace his half-brother, David Andrew Wilson, who attended Health from 1947 to 1951 and who lived at Lingroyd Avenue, Pellon, Halifax. His father was J H Wilson and his mother's maiden name was Jean Dennison.

Any information regarding his life, career or current whereabouts would be greatly appreciated.

Harry's phone number is 0033 555 683758 and his email is

A Plea from Noel Broome [Heath 1943–1951]

I am a Heath GS Old Boy (contemporary with Barrie Ingham, actor, who likewise lived in Northowram, though I have lost touch with him) and would very much appreciate help in tracing any information regarding my former Modern Language teacher, Arthur Holt (‘Tishi’), who did so much to foster my love of French and German literature; he died many years ago, I believe.

I only recently discovered that he wrote poetry, which I would like to know more about, if possible, do you know if there is an archive, or possibly a relative, I could contact?

One further query, if you don't mind! I always understood that the school motto included the words: Digni este et vos favore ‘Be ye also worthy of favour’ — being a pun on the name of the school’s founder. However, judging by the school seal on the web page this does not appear to be the case; can you elucidate?

Many thanks for your time and possible help.
Noel Broome

The HOBA Newsletter Decmeber 2004 p. 4 records the award of an OBE to Professor Judith George (née Holt) and there is photograph of her receiving an Honorary Fellowship from the University of the Highlands and Islands the same year but we have no more recent information.

In relation to Digni este et vos favore, Andrew Connell explains all in Puns, prayers and graces and the badge.

John R Hudson

Trevor Denham

From an email dated :

I have just found a short note about the death of Trevor Denham on the Heath Old Boys site addressed to ‘Russell’ from ‘Graham.’ He was the grandson of Sharlington Denham, brother of my great grandfather William. I wonder if you or other members have any further information about Trevor or other Denham family members?

My father was Eric Denham, b d — he and his older brothers Lawrence and Gerald were also Heath Old Boys.

Thanks for your help.

Jill Denham


We have the following information:

Eric: admitted 13 September 1928; left 30 July 1935
Gerald: admitted September 1928
Laurence: admitted 18 September 1919; left July 1928; father H Denham

John R Hudson