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2018 Heath vs Old Crossleyans Bowls Tournament

Revenge is a kind of wild justice, which the more a man's nature runs to, the more ought law to weed it out.

Francis Bacon (1561–1662)

Retentive readers may recall that a year ago to the day Heath administered a historic drubbing to the Old Crocs, thus drawing level 2–2 in the series and making this year’s clash of major significance.

So it was that on a sun-drenched Sunday afternoon, the , many veteran yet highly-trained sportsmen and women rocked up at Greenroyd to do battle for the diminutive, elusive trophy.

The teams did not differ greatly from last year. For Crocs the absence of Mr and Mrs Knowles meant that there were occasional silences between games, whilst for Heath the absence of Mr Farrell meant slightly less controversy than usual.

Crocs featured: B. Reynolds and Mrs M. Reynolds; J. lngham (captain) and Mrs J. Dunn; Mrs Clayton and M. Denton; M. Squire and D. Reynolds; D. Kaye and C. Hodgson.

Heath were: J. Robertshaw and T. Depledge; T. Roper and P. Greenwood; A. Hobson and C. Gostridge; A. Waite and B. Shackleton; A. Baigent and G.P. Smith (captain).

The match proved to be somewhat the reverse of last year, without any of the drama. Heath took an early lead, with Roper and Greenwood outstanding in the early exchanges. This proved to be illusory, as the Crocs adapted far better to the dry conditions ‘It’s running fast this year,’ was heard. Too many Heathen bowls were finding the gutter. To cut a long rather dull story short, by 3.30 Crocs were home and dry, winning easily by 31–19. ‘Oh, it’s a thrashing,’ was heard.

Most of the participants standing in two rows in front of the Greenroyd pavilion with Grayham Smith, John Robertshaw and John Ingham sitting on the wall in front
Heath vs Crocs group photograph

The trophy having been located somewhere in Roger Dixon’s cupboard, and having been presented to John lngham, the speeches of regret and glee having been made, there only remained the excellent buffet and socialising deep into the balmy afternoon.

Thanks to John lngham and Grayham Smith for mustering the teams; to Mrs Dixon and Mrs Hamer for keeping the score and to Jon Hamer for organising the buffet.

Rod Eastwood [1954–1961]