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2018 HOBA Bowling Challenge (Russell Smith Memorial Trophy)

The Tour de Yorkshire may have been taking place elsewhere in Halifax, but on Sunday, the place to be was definitely Greenroyd bowling club, the venue for the twelfth annual tussle for the coveted Russell Smith Memorial Trophy.

Once again the weather smiled upon us, the green was for once in pristine condition, Old Boys turned out in respectable numbers, the usual format was agreed upon and all was set for a ding-dong event.

The pairings, and how they fared, with more or less accuracy, lined up as follows:

The afternoon wore on. John Hudson arrived with the buffet. The standard of bowling did not seem as inspired as in some years. ‘He’s thrown a few off today, has John,’ was heard, along with, ‘It gets right heavy in that corner.’

The final, however, contested between Hamer/Shackleton and Smith/Baigent, was worthy of its name. The score was 1–1 after two ends, and 4–4 after four ends. The unerring accuracy and gimlet eye of G.P. Smith, ably assisted by his partner, carried the day. Unprecedentedly, the rule book had to be introduced near the end, to validate the legality of a delivery, but all ended amicably. The whereabouts of the runners-up cup having been discussed at length, the trophy was presented, speeches made .and all retired to partake of the buffet.

As often, the real history was being made behind the scenes. We were delighted to meet P.G. Smith whose memory went back to his first day at school, which coincided with the first day of W.R. Swale as Head, and covered the post-war years. Two of the long photos were produced, for 1935 and 1950, and widely scrutinised. A day of competition and nostalgia was enjoyed by all. Thanks to the committee for organising yet another successful event.

Rod Eastwood [1954–1961]