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Founder’s Day Celebration:

On Thursday, 20th June 2019, at 7.30 pm Old Boys, their guests and civic dignitaries assembled at the West End of Halifax Minster to celebrate, for the fifth year of the current revival, the life and work of Dr Favour.

A very successful format has been established for the service, based on evensong, incorporating hymns, contributions from the choir, the traditional readings from Ecclesiasticus and Ephesians, an anthem, usually a short address, three collects and prayers, ending with a chaplet being placed on the bust of the venerable Dr Favour.

So it was that the choir stalls resounded to the strains of ‘He who would true valour see’ and later to the cunning conflation of ‘Lord, behold us with thy blessing’ and ‘Lord, dismiss us with they blessing’ into one hymn, which those of a certain age will remember singing at the opening and closing school assemblies of the school term. A rousing ‘For all the saints’ concluded the religious part of the service.

Controversially, there was no address this year, for which some no doubt were thankful whilst others, fewer perhaps in number, regretted the spiritual vacuum left hanging in the air by such an omission.

The Minster Choir, conducted by the Revd Canon Hilary Barber, sang magnificently and indeed played a huge part in the success of the occasion.

The chaplet was duly placed on a startled looking Dr Favour by Head Girl, Zara Ramzan. Jim Farrell read the anonymous couplets inscribed outside the School House, Grayham P. Smith presented a cheque to John Hoggard for the Royal British Legion, being the donations received in respect of the WWI Booklet produced in 2018, and all repaired to the café area of the Minster to enjoy refreshments and chat.

Thanks again to the many people who helped to make it another memorable Old Boys celebration, the Vicar for hosting us, the curate, Revd Jane Finn, for leading the service, Angie Gallagher, Deputy Mayor and Jim Gallagher, Consort, the Head Girl, Zara Ramzan, and Head Boy, Fabrizio de Vito, the choir, Jim Farrell and the committee and Old Boy, Jas Chatha, for providing the refreshments.

A larger attendance would be welcome; so put in your diary for next year.