2022 HOBA Bowling Challenge (Russell Smith Memorial Trophy)

On Sunday, , the 14th edition of the legendary Russell Smith Memorial Trophy was contested at Greenroyd Bowling Club. Appropriately, 14 Heathens had gathered to take to the green in their quest for the prestigious trophy, last awarded in 2019.

This year’s pairings, familiar names all, were:—

A Baigent and M Hynes
C Gostridge and M Baxendale
G P Smith and K Campbell
A Hobson and R Dixon
T Freeman and J Farrell
J Hamer and J Robertshaw
R Greenwood and M Bingham

When several matches are being played at the same time, punctuated only by cries of joy and despair, even a connoisseur of the noble art would be unable to make sense of what was happening out there. Suffice it to say that some knew what they were doing; others didn’t. It was ever thus.

After an hour or two, it emerged that Messrs Greenwood and Bingham had won all their matches, whilst others had lost all theirs.

At 3.40 pm the sun came out, briefly.

At 4 pm the final began, between P Greenwood and M Bingham and J Farrell and T Freeman who, after a poor start, had come good late in the day.

The final was graced by some of the best bowling of the day. Farrell and Freeman took a narrow early lead but in the crucial fourth end the wily veterans bowled brilliantly and surged ahead to win 8–3 and thus Greenwood and Bingham retained their title of three years ago.

Thanks go to Greenroyd for again hosting the event; to Jon Hamer and G P Smith for organising; to John Hudson for providing the buffet and excellent home-made fruit cake; also for Mr Dixon for coping with the ‘scoreboard.’

This was but a warm-up for the main challenge which takes place at the same venue on Sunday, at 1.30 pm, Crocs v. Heath. Don’t miss it!

Rod Eastwood [1954–1961]

Row of old boys in front of the clubhouse at Greenroyd Bowling Club
Old boys outside the clubhouse at Greenroyd Bowling Club

Photo thanks to T R C Freeman