Alan Guy: –2010 [Heath 1952–1982]

Head and shoulders of Alan Guy
Alan Guy

Alan Guy, 84, the last Latin teacher at Heath

By Ruth Mosalski

The last Latin teacher to teach at the former Heath Grammar School has died, aged 84. Alan Guy was the last person to teach the subject at the school in Free School Lane, Halifax. After he retired aged 55 in April 1982, a replacement was not hired to teach the subject.

Mr Guy, who lived at St Bevan’s Road, Skircoat Green, Halifax, was also the school’s head of classics when it still taught Greek and ancient history and also the school’s librarian. As his final farewell to the school he reclassified hundreds of books.

Former colleague Andrew Connell — who was also taught by Mr Guy in his schooldays said: He was a very capable and able classics teacher. He was a man without an enemy and was known to everyone as very kind-hearted.

After his retirement he followed his passion for cricket to his member’s seat at Yorkshire Cricket Club. During his 30 years at Heath Grammar School he ran the school’s junior team, finding many of the school’s star players. He had a good eye for spotting good players, said Mr Connell.

Mr Guy was born in London and went on to read classics at Oxford University's Hertford College.

He began his teaching career in Wolverhampton and also taught at Abbot’s Holme School in Derbyshire. He outlived his wife Margaret and son Richard.

Halifax Evening Courier

His funeral was on at All Saints Church, Skircoat Green with plenty of Old Heathens in attendance.