Privacy Statement

The Heath Old Boys Association holds historical personal data about the former pupils and staff of Heath Grammar School and personal data relating to the membership status of current and former members of the Association along with contact details of non-members who have contacted the Association about any matter to do with the school, its former pupils and staff.

The Association uses the membership data solely in connection with the operations of the Association and the contact data to put members and non-members in contact with each other in order to share information about the school, its former pupils and staff.

If you have reason to believe that the Association holds inaccurate personal data about yourself or wish to further limit the use to which the Association puts your personal data, please contact the Webmaster (contact details below).

If you are dissatisfied with the reply you receive, you can contact the Information Commissioner.


The Association adopted this constitution at the 2020 AGM.

Heath Old Boys Association Committee


Mr John S Robertshaw


Mr J Farrell

Vice Chairman:

Jon Hamer


Jon Hamer


Mr J D Turner
18 Newlands Road
Norton Tower
Tel: (01422) 355081

Newsletter Editor
and Webmaster:

John R Hudson
34 Boothtown Road

General Committee:

Mr J T Bunch
Mr J Charnock
Mr A Connell
Mr R Eastwood
Mr T Freeman
Mr A Hoyle
Mr G P Smith
Mr T Stringer
Mr R Sumner
ex-officio Dean Jones