1931/32 Rugby Team

Formal photograph showing sixteen players of the 1930/31 Rugby Team in three rows of seven, six and three from front to back

This photograph was kindly supplied in 2002 by Peter Caygill, son of Louis Kenneth Caygill who was at Heath in the late 1920s and probably left in 1932.

We have the following information about when team members were at school:

Ernest Clarry [Heath 1930–1938] wrote to say it was good to see the photograph of the 1930/31 rugby side.

At the time I was in my first year at Heath and I recognise a few of the players who were real icons to us juniors, both as sportsmen and scholars.

He mentions Norman Healey, the captain, also a great batsman, won a scholarship to Oxford and got a first; J.S. Ingham, a great centre, on the captain’s right, who went to London University; seated to Ingham’s right is D. Mitchell, who leapt beyond the long jump pit on Sports’ Day, a distinguished chemist with Fisons, after a First at Oxford, but killed in a road accident many years ago; G.R. Lewis, standing third from right, double First at Oxford, then a Controller at the BBC and, on retirement, became a prize-winning biographer. Could anyone perhaps identify the other members of that team, apart from L.K. Caygill, whose son, Peter, sent us the photograph in 2002?

First appeared in Newsletter dated

Editor’s note: notwithstanding Ernest Clarry’s confidence that this is the 1930/31 team, it is almost certainly the 1931/32 team as Lionel Hodgson was not admitted until 1931 when he was 15 years old while Norman Healey left in 1932. The photograph published in the September 2002 Newsletter of the 1930/31 Rugby Team appears to confirm this.