1950/51 Rugby Team

Formal photograph showing eighteen players of the 1950/51 Rugby Team in three rows, nine standing with Mr Birchall between the two at the right hand end of the row, seven seated and two seated crosslegged at the front
R. Smith, D.A. Gillett, J.N. Nixon, B. Smith, J.P. Horrocks-Taylor, G. Capaner, T.D. Gamson, E. Donnelly, Mr H. Birchall (Sportsmaster), J.M. Lawless
J.G. Farrar, K. Whitaker, M. Bamforth, R. Crowther (Capt.), D. Horrocks-Taylor, K.E. Humphreys, F.W. Normington
A.E. Greenwood, J.W. Palfreeman