Speech Day — November 1963

Semi-formal photograph showing three rows of prizewinners, ten in the back row, eight in the middle and six in the front
1963 Speech Day Prizewinners

Back row: Robinson, Holland, Hodgson, ??, Read, Lumb, Hartley, Parker, ??, Collins.

Middle row: Chisllett, Clegg, Stead, Riley-Gledhill, Pagan, ??, Buttle, Ingram.

Front row: ??, Crawshaw (partly hidden), David Evans, Littlefair, Moss, Meir.

If you are one of the boys in the picture — or know any of them — then please email the Editor with your memories. Photo kindly submitted by Alan Parker.

I have just been directed to the photograph of Speech Day 1963. Yes. I am the John Clegg (where did my parents get those glasses from?) in the picture. I am probably the umpteenth person to tell you, but the guy in the front row unidentified with the glasses is David Evans. I lost touch with him many years ago, when he was a high flying computer whizz in Italy. I believe he came back to England but I cannot tell you any more.

For my part, I have been living in the West Country for over 22 years. My career took many twists and turns after University (Bradford for a B Tech in Mechanical Engineering, then Birmingham for an M Sc in Machine Tool Engineering), before winding up in Bridport, Dorset as Production Director of a Company making Technical Netting. We made camouflage, cargo nets for aircraft, underslung nets for helicopters and the like. Had 12 years in netting and then left the industry, but not the area. Today my wife and I live in Crewkerne in Somerset where I do some stock taking and some consultancy for an electrical engineering company. We have two children, a 25 year old daughter living in London and a 22 year old son, living in Dorchester. I was never very good at rugby, but my son is and he plays for Ivel Barbarians in Yeovil.

My contact with Halifax is diminished as my father died last year and I have no more surviving relatives in Halifax. I am still in contact with Tony Chisslett (also in that infamous 1963 photograph) who lives in Harrogate, Robert Wallace a year above us who still lives in Halifax and Steve Barrett a further 3? years older who also still lives in Halifax.

Nice to reminisce occasionally

John Clegg

Well I must admit that it is many years since I last saw that photo. Oh. how young we looked and so innocent! I no longer live in Halifax and very rarely get over to the old town.

Regards to those who remember me.
Tony Chisslett