Class layout for 1970s

Detailed below is the register as I recall it, which many will find amazing as I was notoriously and frequently late.

There were 31 boys in the class, sat in alphabetical order, four rows of pairs of desks, eight desks per row. From the perspective of the teacher at the front of the class ‘Ancliffe’ was seated far left (at the back). ‘Werritt’ was seated near right (at the front). Room ‘M’ was our form room for the first year at Heath for 1B in 1970.

I’m sure I recall this regimented routine as register followed by assembly followed by first lesson. I made my appearance by blending in as the assembly ended and pupils walked to first lesson.

Eight by four grid showing the seating positions of pupils in a classroom

David Helliwell [Heath 1970–77]