Gaby Bussmann

To all the Old Heathens.

After 25 years of fond memories of my year as German assistant at Heath Grammar School I started ‘Googling’ for your former school and came across this site.

Since my memories of teaching German at Heath are still very vivid and only of the most pleasant sort, I would just like to send some very sentimental regards over to you who share an affection for this really special school.

I have in fact been teaching English and History at a girls grammar school in Münster, Germany, for a while now and am very happy in that job.

Some of the names sound familier (Mike Hynes?) and I am still in touch with David Holland (L6 in 1982). I’d be very glad to hear from others who might remember me. Until then I wish you luck and all the best.

Gaby Bussmann, German Assistant [Heath 1982–1983]