Copper’s corner

Jon Hamer provides details of a few of his contemporaries who joined him as a ‘boy in blue.’ Jon himself joined the police in 1985 and worked in the Ovenden and Mixenden areas. He progressed to the Task Force at Bradford before joining the Underwater Search Unit as a police diver. He is currently working on the Firearms Support Unit as a dedicated arms response officer.

Bryan Butterworth [1977–1984] joined the Met. Cadets in 1984 and progressed to the regulars in 1985. He then transferred up to the West Yorkshire Police in 1992 and is now an instructor in the mounted section.

Paul ‘Spud’ Taylor [1971–1978] joined the West Yorkshire Police in 1978 and has worked in the Halifax and Bradford areas. He has been promoted to Sgt. and is due to retire in 2008!

Phil Wiggins [1977–1982] joined the West Yorkshire Y Police in 1988 and has worked in Brighouse, Elland and Sowerby Bridge. Phil joined the Road Traffic Dept. in 1995 and is currently a Sgt. working in the Halifax area.

Phil Lodge [1975–1976] joined the Army from school and travelled the world. He then settled into the West Yorkshire Police as a police diver.

Chris Burnett [1976–1983], after university, joined the West Yorkshire Police based at Todmorden. He then progressed onto the Diving Unit and presently works as patrol officer at Killingbeck, Leeds.

Jason Phillips [1980–1985] has just finished a posting with Operations Support and has been promoted to Sgt. Jason is now working at Bradford Central.

Mark Greenwood [1976?–1981?] is currently a detective working in Leeds.

Dave Buswell [1972–1977] is currently a custody Sergeant at Halifax.

Russell Bland [1976–1984] is a patrol officer working in the Calder Valley.

Sean Hepworth [1982–1985] is a patrol officer working in the Halifax area.

Phil Smith [sixties?] was promoted to Sergeant and works at Halifax; he is still a keen swimmer.

Paul Battye [1980–1985] is a patrol officer working at Bradford.

Umberto Cuozzo [1980–1985] is a Humberside officer promoted to Sergeant and working in Goole.

We would be delighted to hear from any of these or other of Jon’s generation of Heathens.

Jon Hamer [1977–1984]

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