Email from Ian Dalzell [Heath 1961–1966]

Ian Dalzell emails us about The Dalzell Cup

My father, Tom [1939–1941], attended Heath, as did my Uncle Brian [1932–1937] and Grandfather Robert [1904–1909].

My Grandmother presented The Dalzell Cup to Heath for the 100 yards athletics in memory of her husband and my late father (who died at 32 in 1958). However, no Dalzells ever won the cup (we did win others! — Brian was athletics victor ludorum and I won the swimming victor ludorum from the 2nd to 5th year).

But what happened to The Dalzell Cup after Crossley Heath came into existance?

I left Heath at 16, trained as a chartered accountant in Halifax with Matthews Brooke Taylor (Partners — Albert Horrocks Taylor, Jim Brearley, Ron Hainsworth and Duncan Turner — all HOBs. Staff included HOBs Peter Brearley, Dave Travis, Robin Eames, John Robertshaw). I now have my own firm of Chartered Accountants in the Lake District.

Ian Dalzell

Editor’s Note: The Dalzell Cup is now in the archive section but was presented up to 2001.

Ian wrote in a follow-up email:

Out of interest — as a result of my posting about the ‘Dalzell Cup’ on the HOBA website, an old classmate, Mike Rowley, contacted me from the States. More interesting was another contact from a distant cousin who is compiling a family tree; she is the great, great, great, grandaughter of my great, great, great, grandfather but by the female line. She has been able to trace my family tree back to the 1700s and oddly enough my ancestors in the 1700s were born not 15 miles from where I live now in Cumbria!!