Geoffrey Dawrant [1940–1948]

Geoffrey Dawrant writes via email on :

I have happy memories of my years at Heath, and especially my several years involvement in scouting.

I’ve practised medicine (now just two days a week and with a special interest in hypnotheraoy) in Edmonton, Alberta, for the past 37 years. Canada has been a good place to live and work. I get over to the ‘old country’ from time to time. My family now live in Harrogate and Exeter. I plan to visit the UK in February 2005. If I get over to Halifax I’ll let you know and arrange to visit Heath and see what changes have taken place since I left in 1948 — to do my national service and then go up to Cambridge.

Mr Swale was headmaster at that time and Mr Phoenix Science Master. COM was a fine history teacher, I recall. I’m trying to remember the name of the Latin teacher who was a great help to me. I had given up that subject early on, but of course needed Latin to get into Cambridge and he gave me a cram course when in the science sixth form (1946–48) for which I shall always be grateful. Is Latin still a requirement for admission to Oxford/Cambridge?

I’m happy to say that Latin is still taught in a number of Edmonton schools, including Tempo — an excellent private school near where we live and where all our four children attended. They have a website.

All best wishes
Geoffrey Dawrant