Email from Stephen Joyce [1978–1985]

Dear Secretary,

I have dropped emails off to you in the past on a purely random basis. Was sorry to hear the old School House is being knocked down. We had a lot of fun living there, although sharing with you Upper 6th yobs wasn’t great. Great house to hide in when we wanted to skip cross country runs with Clint Eastwood. Lots of hidden rooms I swear U6 actually did live in judging by the mess and smell. Plus you could always get into the house before the caretaker opened up as the windows never locked.

I remember having many lessons there, English and History, both with Mr Nick Tobin. History lessons with just four or five of us discussing world trips covering all the great historical events of past centuries. Loved English lessons with Clint and Mr Bunch, both of whom became almost human when you became 6th formers. Both helped me get my degree in English Literature, for which I have found no use in the real world.

Had a quick scan through the website and found some pictures from April 2008 of you lot playing bowls. My god how old we have become although some of us have fared better than the rest. Sorry Jon is that really how you look now?

Still disappointed to see so little contribution from those of my time there. Where are you guys? I did hear from Gavin Stansfield some years ago and I must apologise for not keeping in touch. Nursing in London last I heard.

I still have a full collection of The Heathen along with my school badge. Somewhere anyways. It’s always hard looking back on those years. Some happy times but far too many that were less so. Luckily time is a great healer and the happier ones stand out more for me. However to this day I really can’t stand any sport involving a ball of any size or shape! Thank god for Formula One. A true sport!!

Anyways, the old school will always be a part of me, and I promise to keep in touch via the website. I would be interested in hearing any news on the old house.

Yours, Steve Joyce [1978 till the end]
Living in beautiful Fairford, Gloucestershire with one wife, one dog and an old cat.
Working in Cheltenham, DDM Manager for the Game Group of stores. No we don’t play Games all day.