Stuart Anderson [1977–1982]

Extract from email to Jon Hamer dated :

The full name is Stuart Anderson, but I used (in that far off life) to be called ‘Der’ or ‘Derson’ and in my infinite wisdom became something of a Rockabilly in the last couple of years at Heath (all personal photos have long since been destroyed!).

I got one of your messages regarding the reunions a years or so ago — I meant to reply but the last few years have seen a bit of a change of direction career wise for me; so I never seemed to get around to it... until now.

Anyway, where to start? After all, recalling the past 25 (??!!??) years without boring the hell out of someone is pretty difficult. For now I’ll say that some things havn’t changed — I’m still a sad Leeds Utd nut and cricket/Rugby union obsessive. Some things have changed: I live in North East Scotland and have a career as a College Lecturer — though I still have family in Halifax; so I visit once or twice a year (you know, you can get the man out of Halifax, but you can’t get Halifax out of the man... or something to that effect).