Richard Davidson [1951–1957]

For some reason yesterday it occurred to me that it would be 60 years since I became a pupil at Heath in September 1951, in class 1B. A Google search produced the Old Boys Association website and Rodney Collins’ piece of nostalgia. His memories did not quite accord with mine, in that Walter Swale ran the school on military lines of rigid rules and discipline — at least that was my impression — and for whatever reason it did not suit me. I left the school in March 1957, emigrated to Australia with my parents and sister in 1959 and have enjoyed a generally good life since then.

Nostalgia tends to kick in with age and I am no exception. I have wondered from time to time how my fellow students were, particularly Raymond Crossley and Raymond Aspinall, both of whom were at the Mixenden primary school with me. I would like to subscribe to the Association ...

Richard Davidson

Richard has since made contact from his home in Victoria, Australia, renewing his annual HOBA subscription for 2012 and has been put in touch with his old pals from his school days.