A letter from Michael Lord [Heath 1953–1958]

Michael Lord writes from the wilds of Lairg to regret that he has had no contact with the school, or the town, since he left. He confirms the masters of John Edward Horrocks’ memories and adds that Mr Guy (Froggy) was the form master of 1B in 1953. Michael adds,

I forgot the number of 1B’s form room except for the fact that it is almost next door to W.R. Swale’s study and excess noise was sure to herald the entrance of the avenging ‘angel’ in gown and mortar board.

He also remembers Mr ‘Dick’ Rees but with ‘fear and trembling.’ However, he has happy memories of Dr Fleet, although

Mr Pilcher, music teacher, never had any success instilling any sense of rhythm or timing into my ear.

Michael ends,

The more I type the more memories flood back and I begin to wonder if, after 44 years in isolation, it is almost time for me to come in from the cold. I hope these random thoughts prove of some amusement to you and, perhaps, sometime in the next 40 years or so, another copy of the newsletter may make its way here to the north-western most tip of Scotland.

A resounding yes to both those suggestions, Michael!

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