A letter from Andrew Murgatroyd [Heath 1967–1974]

We have heard from Andrew Murgatroyd who writes,

Like many of my contemporaries, I never returned to Halifax to live after University and so have lost touch with many great friends from those schooldays: Johnny Race, Viv Hilton, Nicky Barratt, Dougie Greenwood, Chris Short, Mike Oldfield, Paul Gledhill: where are you all now? I am only in regular contact with one, John Thorp, who also happens to live in Hertfordshire.

I am, for my sins, a professional singer. I have been a member of the BBC Singers for 16 years and I combine this with solo oratio engagements up and down the country, including Halifax Choral Society's Messiah on several occasions. Listening to Frank Haigh’s stentorian tones in assembly hymns and being dragged into lunchtime choir practice by Neville Ward must have had the desired effect!

Andrew adds that he has recently been in touch with a couple of the friends mentioned above via the Friends Reunited website which has a large number of entries from the old Heathens. He thinks that the HOBA website is a great idea, and looks forward to its development.

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