Letter from Terry Rees

My name is Terence Rees and I was a pupil at Heath from 1953 to 1960. I moved from Heath to Manchester University in 1960 to study Aero Engineering, graduating in 1963 and then going on to a PhD in 1966. I recently came across the Heath Old Boys website and it brought to mind what a great time I had at the school and how well it prepared me for my time at Manchester.

The reason I write is that I have several copies of The Heathen:—

Sept 1953. Sept 1954, Sept 1955, Sept 1956, Sept 1958, Sept 1959 and Sept 1961.

I was sent the 1961 issue as it records the death of my good friend John Hitchen in a road accident.

You are most welcome to all of these copies, to retain should you wish to do so.

Please give my regards to your President, G P Smith, who was in the year above me.


Terry Rees [Heath 1953–1960]