A letter from Howard Shackleton [Heath 1935–42]

Howard Shackleton writes to reminisce about Dr Morrell. After our (R.G.L. Collinson, J.D. Pybus and self) first year in the Classical Sixth, in 1941, Dr Willy Morrell was recruited as a replacement for Arthur ‘Tough’ Owen when the latter was called up into H M Forces.

Howard goes on to say that Alan Robinson’s memories of the Junior School struck a chord. “I certainly remember playing soccer for 4B1 versus the Junior School on the lawn outside the original Hall. Two of our opponents still stand out vividly; their star performer John Shoesmith and a younger boy named Wells.

Alan is also correct in thinking school dinners were provided pre-war. I believe the catering was done by the caretaker’s wife, Mrs Henderson, although I personally didn’t partake of them, preferring instead to enjoy lunch at the Southgate Café in town at the concessionary rate of nine old pence for a two course meal. Howard continues, Jack Hoyle’s comment on the science building prompts me to remember that he was in the same form as my brother John (four years my senior) who, in his first year in the Science Sixth, acted as lab boy to Mr ‘Bill’ Phoenix, and was paid a small fee for his services.

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