Letter from P.G. Smith [1946–1951]

I am P.G. Smith, not G.P. the brother of the late Russell, who I note, is the present President.

Thank you for the Newsletter received some weeks ago. I intended to compliment you on the superb quality of this but I have been away from home for a longish period. However may now do so most sincerely.

I have been thinking for some time about two matters to be brought to the Association’s notice and realise that strictly speaking they should be put to the Hon. Secretary, but I cannot since I do not have his address, and it may be that as Editor you feel that they should be included in a future Newsletter.

First, there is my ongoing grumble that, welcome as it is, the Association has revived Founder’s Day. I feel that this should be done by the School, with the full co-operation of the Association of course.

The second concerns the Pulpit and chairs. I enclose a couple of sheets covering these matters and thought that, while I am at it, another few matters might be mentioned. I send all this stuff for you to do whatever you think fit, though I do feel that it is most important that the question of the pulpit and chairs should be settled, if someone knows the answer for sure, and recorded in some way. If they were made from a part of the original School building, they would be a unique memento and treasured.

My very best wishes to all