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Letter from Andrew Stoner [1977–1979]

Just wanted to drop a note to your site.

I attended Heath Grammar school back in 1977-79 – two years total.

I left after my second year to join my father in Melton Mowbray, later relocating to Chicago, USA to join my mother and step-father.

I do recall playing rugby on the under 13 team/ James Scrimshaw was a close buddy of my mine. I recall he was probably the fastest person on the team, but I could hold my own. I played mostly inside\outside centre.

On the web site, I do recognise one additional name, Stuart Anderson. Actually my one lasting memory of him was that he could ‘sing’ the horn noise from the Dukes of Hazzard TV show./p>

Anyhow, I still live in America; I am now a US citizen. During my time here, I graduated from high school, two colleges (Indiana University and Purdue University) with degrees in finance and computer science. I am still single, no children, but have had the same girlfriend for the past 14 years (living in sin is so much fun !!!).

Well, there is a quick update.

Andrew Stoner

A couple pictures... the only ones I have remaining... one of a very young Stuart Anderson and me (in France), the other James Scrimshaw.

Andrew Stoner

Stuart Anderson and Andrew Stoner standing in front of some patio doors
Stuart Anderson with Andrew Stoner
JamesScrimshaw standing in front of a house
James Scrimshaw