Prefects 1947–1951

Thanks to Jerry Fearnley [Heath 1962–1970] who has supplied the photographs of the Prefects from the late 1940s to the late 1960s.

Back row: E.D. Barker, A. Swingler, D. Connelly, N.A. Hunter, G.G. Duckney, M. Butler, D.C. Horsfall, J.A. Gibson; front row: C.P. Hodgson, D.G. Wilson, M. McDonald (Head Prefect), W.R. Swale (Headmaster), A.G. Dawrant, M.G. Crowther, D.A. Earnshaw
Prefects 1947–1948
Back row: H. Whiteley, D. Brook, F.R. Barrett, N.A. Hunter, M. Pollit, D.C. Horsfall, S.C. Wilson; front row: M.G. Crowther, M. McDonald (Head Prefect), W.R. Swale (Headmaster), M. Butler, D.A. Earnshaw
Prefects 1948–1949
Back row: J.E. Stinton, F.D. Bottomley, R. Crowther, J. Barker, B.S. Ingham, R. Best, J.A. Edwards; front row: C.B. Fletcher, J. Ackroyd, M. Pollit, W.R. Swale (Headmaster), P. Robertshaw, P.P. Carter, D.G. Bates
Prefects 1949–1950
Back row: J.P. Gaukroger, M. Taylor, M. Bamforth, G. Capener, D. Horrocks-Taylor, M. Lawless, K.E. Humphries; front row: R.A. Hoyle, D.A. Huddlestone, R. Crowther, W.R. Swale (Headmaster), B. Whitaker, M. Roper, P.G. Smith
Prefects 1950–1951