Prefects 1963–1968

Thanks to Jerry Fearnley [Heath 1962–1970] who has supplied the photographs of the Prefects from the late 1940s to the late 1960s.

Back row: D.J. Wardell, R.K. Townend, R.W. Dixon, P.J. Holden, R. Coates, G.P. Smith-Moorhouse; front row: E.D. Brain, A.M. Webster, W.R. Swale (Headmaster), G.A. Cooke, D.R. Bate
Prefects 1963–1964
Back row: R. Ackroyd, J.S. Flockton, G.D. Baggaley, J.R. Lum, D.A.J. Littlefair, M.J. Grave; front row: D.J. Wardell, R. Coates (Head Prefect), W.R. Swale (Headmaster), R.W. Dixon (Second Prefect), A.N. Connell
Prefects 1964–1965
Back row: G.D. Evans, M.I. Priestley, W. Skok, D. Rutter, T. Roper, A. Chisslett; front row: K.J. Sutcliffe, R.J. Firth, P.G. Highley (Head Prefect), W.R. Swale (Headmaster), R.A. Eastwood (Second Prefect), M.S. Whitworth, P.J. Brearley
Prefects 1965–1966
Back row: J.D. Brearley, Moseley, D.I. Perfect, D. Northrop; front row: P.R. Raynor, A. Holden (Acting Head Prefect), J.D. Lister (Head Prefect), W.R. Swale (Headmaster), C.R.C.B. Parker (Second Prefect), R.W. Sharples (Acting Second Prefect), M.L. Armitage
Prefects 1966–1967
Back row: S.G. Cox, D.G. Bolton, J.R.S. Littlefair, D.C. Peel, J.C. Eastwood, S. Filbin; front row: D.J. Holdsworth, R.G. Barrett, J.D. Brearley (Head Prefect), W.R. Swale (Headmaster), M.D. Cunliffe (Second Prefect), M.F. Titchmarsh, J.K. Earnshaw
Prefects 1967–1968