Copy of the Resolutions

Passed by the Governors as to the Management of Heath School

That the School-year be divided into three terms:- Michaelmas Term to commence on or about the 15th September, Lent Term on or about the 14th January, Midsummer Term on or about the 14th of April.

That the fees for Boys in the Senior Department be £12 per annum, and for the Boys in the Junior Department £8, until the School can be re-modelled, and that afterwards the Fees be raised.

That the Registration Fee shall be 2s. 6d., and that no entrance fee shall be charged at present, and that the registration shall be managed by the Secretaries.

That the Easter Holidays be from the Thursday before Easter to the Easter Tuesday morning, and that the other Holidays during the terms be left to the discretion of the Head Master.

That the religious instruction in the School be restricted to Lessons in the Bible, as by the Scheme exemptions from attendance at prayers, and from any religious lesson can be claimed on written notice thereof being given to the Head Master, but that provision be made for the teaching of the Book of Common Prayer (as a voluntary subject) to any Scholar whose parent may express a desire that he should be taught the same.

That the Head Money allowed to the Master be at present £5 for every Boy in the School.

That a Mathematical and Science Master be appointed after Christmas at a salary of about £150, and that Mr. Cox engage a French Master for Lessons upon the best terms that he can.

That every Boy who is already in the School may remain without examination, if his parents will pay the extra Fees, and that any Boy already in the School may remain in the Junior Department until the age of Fifteen, instead of Fourteen, as stated in the Scheme.

That the Examinations be held in July.

Taken from Thomas Cox A popular history of the Grammar School of Queen Elizabeth, at Heath, near Halifax Halifax: F King 1879