Emails from Nigel Shields [1970–1977]

Where can I find old copies of Heathen magazines?

I attended Heath School from 1970–1977, along with my twin brother Nicholas. I found a copy of the magazine on your website (1973) I think. I haven’t had anything to do with the school since I left, but do have very fond memories of the place.

I now teach English in Northumberland (middle school) and would be interested to find out anything interesting about my contemporaries.

Nigel Shields.

Just been reading the stuff on the website.

One of my abiding memories of Heath was the way the register was called and the seating of classes in register order round the room — very regimental.

I tried to remember it but got as far as:

Ancliffe, Arculisz, Barker, Barton, Bedford, Blagborough, ... Halstead, Heppenstall, Kent, Kershaw, ... Rogers, Shields N.A. (me), Shields N.B., Taylor, Ward, Werritt.

Not a very good attempt, but if anyone out there in the B form can remember — apart from Nicholas who probably can!

Nigel Shields, now living at Blaydon