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Almost twenty years on one wonders, at times, if it is sensible for Old Crossleyans and Heath Old Boys to continue to be concerned about the history of their schools getting lost as Crossley Heath develops its own ethos and progresses within the prevailing educational environment.

Time moves on and life changes — who, now, can remember the days when all lessons at Heath were held in Latin and not many are still with us who attended the Junior School. Despite our many fond(?) memories most Old Boys can remember only eight years of its 400 year history. Crossley Heath will be different from Heath; it has girls!

What we can endeavour to do is to ensure that the high standards of education which Heath Old Boys were subjected to are maintained and that the historical thread remains visible — not easy having moved out of the original premises. But there is hope! A number of the current Governors have connections with Heath.

The School’s finances are in the capable hands of John Robertshaw. No doubt most of you will have read or heard of the plight of schools this year due to the Government underfunding. Ours is no exception and the school management team and John have worked hard to spread the money as far as possible. Nevertheless there will be a deficit this coming year, but thankfully no staff cuts.

Rod Atkinson continues to Chair the Premises Committee and has a huge programme of work facing him following the school achieving Specialist School Status. This will require considerable change to the Language facilities not only for school use but also for use by the Community. Rod is also trying to design and construct a new reception area which incorporates the Heath Honours Boards in some format.

Grayham Smith continues as a Governor bringing much needed gravitas to our considerations but business pressures have necessitated him giving up the Chair of Personnel. This task has been taken over by David Armitage who has had some previous experience in this field.

Gordon Stansfield, ex-Staff member at Heath, fondly(?) remembered by some of our younger Old Boys is one of the Staff Governors and has this year been joined by Steve Donlan.

So, as you can see, the links continue — we do our best!

David A Armitage

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