2022 Annual Reunion Dinner

The Association’s 75th Annual Reunion Dinner was held at Heath RUFC, West Vale, on Friday, .

As ever, the dinner was preceded by the AGM, consisting of a small number of erudite Old Boys huddled round a table in one corner of the room, largely ignored by the crowd at the bar and elsewhere.

The Secretary’s report noted that Facebook had become very ‘hit and miss’ and that changes have been made to the Founder’s Day format.

The ageless Treasurer’s report recounted that the Association’s finances are in good order, that we have only ‘lost’ two members in the past year and that some members actually pay more than the £10 membership fee.

The committee and officers were once more re-elected en masse.

In the absence of Andrew Connell, the Latin grace was recited by John Robertshaw and the dinner, a resounding success, consisting of Sproggitt’s soup followed by Sproggitt’s pie and concluding with Sproggitt’s sponge, began.

Again there was no official guest speaker but Jim Farrell kept us entertained with his monologue about the inventions which hadn’t existed when Heath was founded. There was some heckling but Jim replied in kind.

Lynette Cassidy’s speech on the school year focused on the effect the pandemic had had on the school with masks and Vacs the order of the day. Both staff and pupils had made a significant effort to create a ‘normal’ environment, so that many of the traditional events had been able to take place.

The hilarious stand-up, sit-down item followed and, with the raffle, raised £320 for the funds. The prizes were again supplied by Messrs. Chatta and Hamer.

A magnificent 53 attended, including three guests from school and five ex-Heath staff. The evening began and ended in conviviality and friendship, which is what it’s all about.

Rod Eastwood [1954–1961]

Two to three row of old boys in an arc in the Heath RUFC Clubhouse
2022 Annual Dinner old boys

Present: J Farrell, J Hamer, P Turner, A Mcfadden, C Moore, L Cassidy, A Smith, A Friis, J Bunch, D Potter, G Mount, J Russell, I Baldwin, N Fairhurst, G Stansfield, D Stoker, G Smith, P Keenan, K Clay, S Eggleton, J Robertshaw, R Brearley, B Craven, N M Booth, S Green, A Taylor, R Sutcliffe, R Morley, I Booth, R Dixon, T Stringer, M Baxendale, U Cuozzo, P Marion, S Bull, A Thorpe, T Coulter, D Schofield, D O Callaghan, C Tindall, C Scott, R Blakey, J Hudson, J D Turner, J Charnock, J Davey, K Tidswell, A Parker, R Eastwood, J Hoggard, J Greenwood, R Crosland, C Gostridge