Founder’s Day Celebration:

On the evening of a few Old Boys and their guests, after a break of two years, assembled at the west end of Halifax Minster to renew the celebration of the life and work of Dr Favour.

Sloka Jami and Sai Karumuri in front of the bust of Dr Favour
Sloka Jami and Sai Karumuri, Head Girl and Head Boy

We shuffled to our places in the choir stalls and at 7.30 pm the service began. It probably bears little resemblance to the Founder’s Days we attended when at Heath, but evensong is a powerful and moving spiritual experience whether you are ‘into’ that sort of thing or not. The format is unvarying but none the worse for that.

The Minster Choir, conducted by the Revd Canon Hilary Barber, sang their hearts out and contributed largely to the atmosphere of the occasion. Three rousing hymns were sung, not quite drowned out by the magnificent Minster organ. The Vicar himself gave a short but powerful address on the theme of ‘life-long learning,’ and the two traditional bible readings from Ephesians and Ecclesiaticus were declaimed by John Robertshaw and Grayham P. Smith.

The Magnificat and the Nunc Dimittis were sung and the service ended with a rousing ‘For all the saints.’

We then gathered round the bust of the venerable Dr Favour, where Sloka Jami, Head Girl of the school, placed a chaplet as near to him as she could reach.

John Hudson read the inspiring couplets found outside the School House, and so with refreshments and reminiscences the event came to a convivial close.

Thanks go to all those who made it a memorable event, especially to the Vicar for hosting us and leading the service, Sai Karumuri, Head Boy, and Sloka Jami, Head Girl, for attending, the Old Boys committee for organising it.

This tradition must continue but needs more support. When the choir and clergy outnumber the Old Boys, it is not a healthy sign! Put next year’s date in your diary and attend.

Rod Eastwood [1954–1961]