2022 Heath vs Old Crossleyans Bowls Tournament

We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat ...

Queen Victoria

The friendly rivalry between Old Crocs and Heath was resumed, after a two year hiatus, at idyllic Greenroyd Bowling Club on Sunday, at 1.30 pm. The contest turned out to be an uncanny reversal of the previous encounter when Heath took an early lead and never looked back. Here Crocs led from the get-go and never looked like relinquishing their lead.

The teams lined up:


J. Robertshaw and R. Dixon
Campbell and Baigent
Shackleton and Bingham
G. P. Smith and Waite
J. Hamer and Hodgson


S. Baker and L. Greenwood
D. Reynolds and M. Hepworth
D. Kaye and J. Ingham
P. Reynolds and B. Reynolds

It may be observed that Heath had an extra pair, ‘wild cards,’ who were in fact the most successful couple, but the final result was never in doubt. The sun came out briefly at 4 pm but it was too late to save Heath on what was a dour afternoon. ‘We made a mess of that,’ wor heard.

The final result: 22–10. The trophy, diminutive but charged with symbolism, changed hands graciously and honour was salvaged for another year.

Thanks to those who provided the buffet and the organisers of both teams.

Rod Eastwood [1954–1961]