Heath Grammar School Archive Afternoon Thursday,

Crossley Heath School offered a Heath Grammar School Archive Afternoon from 3–5 pm on Thursday, to enable Old Boys to attend, view the archives and catch up with former classmates.

You can watch a short video of Jim Farrell introducing the event.

The Archive Afternoon was attended by over 70 people and was a great success in no small way due to Anya and archivist Marie Rose, as well as Jon, ever present, and Tim on the day. Everything ran without error with the school fully supportive throughout.

There was a substantial display of school photographs, shields, items of clothing and historical items for people to peruse.

There remains an interest in our history and consequently a usefulness for future generations. We are of interest in the present and a spring board for the future. We have several future talks which, with the School’s involvement, we can roll out. Further evidence of success the increased interest can only aid our cause. Over recent years we have consolidated, planned and restructured to change. We need to continue in this vein.

A great event, most uplifting. Well done Jim and Anya for putting it together — thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Flyer for HGS Archive Afternoon on Thursday, 30 March 2023
Flyer for HGS Archive Afternoon