Eric Donald Barker: May 2012 [Heath 1941–1948]

Born 6 June 1930, died May 2012 age 81 in Exmouth, Devon where he had lived for the past 20+ years.

David Connelly [Heath 41–48]

John Alan Barker: [Heath 1940–1950]

John Alan Barker died in October 2003 after a long and debilitating illness.

At school he was a renowned high jumper and played rugby for the first XV and afterwards for Heath OB RUFC. He was always a man for joining in and he and his wife Marie were instrumental in making Nahum's Mill canteen avilable for whist and beetle drives and to raise funds for the club.

Alan went to Leeds University and earned a BSc Honours degree in Work Study.

During National Service he attained the rank of major in the Royal Ordnance Corps. Thereafter he became work study manager for Ladybird in Maidenhead, followed by a stint in the grocery trade in Preston. He then returned to work study with Initial Towel Services in Lytham.

Some years later his eldest son Nicholas emigrated to South Africa to be followed two years later by Alan and his wife Marie where he was work study manager for Rex Trueform, manufacturers of clothing for Boston’s. There followed a period at Bally Shoes until he retired.

He was diagnosed with cancer in his neck for which he was treated surgically. Sadly he was destined to be confined to a wheelchair and returned to the UK in 1999 where after much physiotherapy he could manage to walk a few paces with the aid of sticks.

He died at the age of 71 in a nursing home.

He leaves three sons and a daughter, his wife Marie having died in 2000.

Russell Smith