Trevor Denham: [Heath 1932–1936]

From a letter dated :

Dear Russell

I hope that this finds you in robust health — I avoid the adjective ‘rude’ due to the double meaning. Shirley and I are creaking along, and I do mean creaking.

You may not be aware of the death of a pre-war member, Trevor Denham, an old friend of ours, last month. He was born September 1920 and often spoke fondly of his years at HGS, though I never took enough notice to write an obituary.

I realise that you are no longer Secretary of HOBA but you will know who is and shall be grateful if you will pass this to him.


From an email dated :

I have just found a short note about the death of Trevor Denham on the Heath Old Boys site addressed to ‘Russell’ from ‘Graham.’ He was the grandson of Sharlington Denham, brother of my great grandfather William. I wonder if you or other members have any further information about Trevor or other Denham family members?

My father was Eric Denham, b d — he and his older brothers Lawrence and Gerald were also Heath Old Boys.

Thanks for your help.

Jill Denham