John Anthony Edwards: [Heath 1945–1950]

Anthony Edwards died on , aged 67. He was born in Halifax but spent the war years in Liverpool, returning to Halifax and going to Heath in 1945. From school he read physics at Manchester University and, after graduating, joined the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority’s research laboratories at their Springfields site near Preston where he was to remain throughout his career.

He settled in Kirkham on the Fylde where he married Pat and they had two children, Tim and Gill. Unfortunately, the marriage failed and Anthony brought up the two children single-handed, becoming closely involved with the Gingerbread single parent family group, serving as its Chairman for a number of years.

He became a magistrate and served on the Fylde bench for nineteen years and on the local Police Committee. He was also a volunteer for the Blind Society, repairing tape recorders used for talking books and recording talking newspapers, a committee member of the Citizens’ Advice Bureau, a church warden and server at his local church. In November 1998 he married his long standing partner, Janet, whom he had met years earlier when she was caring for elderly people at a home in Kirkham. Anthony assisted her with her care work for fourteen years, voluntarily devoting much of his time to helping senior citizens.

Those at Heath will remember his interest in stage lighting, both for school plays and with the Thespians. He continued this interest throughout his life with many companies but particularly with the Fylde Coast Players, of which he was a lifetime member and treasurer until his death.

His final illness was bravely borne. He had attended the 400th Anniversary Service in the Parish Church with his younger brother, Barry (also an Old Heathen), to whom and to Janet, Tim and Gill we extend our deepest sympathy.

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