Lesley Knight: [Heath 1917–1922]

Lesley Knight, who died on , was a pupil at Heath from 1917 to 1922. By the time he left school he had already met the lady he was later to marry.

He became Parcels Manager of the Halifax Corporation Tramways but later set up his own Estate Agency, a business which was ruined by the outbreak of war in 1939. During the War, Lesley worked as Stores Manager in an aircraft factory in Southport, where his only child, Patricia, was born in 1942.

The family moved to Devon and then Bournemouth. Lesley worked in insurance and, when the Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance was created following the Beveridge Report, as a Civil Servant until he retired in 1971.

But it will be as a devoted husband, father and friend that he will be best remembered. He enjoyed good company, a glass of beer and a flutter on the horses. He enjoyed good health and liked to talk about his old pals in Halifax of sixty years before. Always cheerful and full of mischief, he has been sorely missed.

His wife, Barbara, now 93, still lives in the flat where they had spent many enjoyable years. Although registered blind for a couple of years, she enjoys good health and has recently undergone an operation and can see quite well again in one eye.

Patricia Hyatt

We would like to wish Mrs Knight all the very best for the future and much pleasure from her restored eyesight and thank Mrs Patricia Hyatt and her husband for the information she has sent us about her father.

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