Kenneth Edward Sewards-Shaw: [Heath 1940–1947]

Head and shoulders of Kenneth Sewards-Shaw 1940–1947 Open Scholarship in Modern History Lincoln College Oxford
Kenneth Sewards-Shaw in the 1940s

Kenneth Edward Sewards-Shaw died peacefully in Hove on , aged 89. From Heath, he went to Lincoln College, Oxford, where he eventually rose to the position of Murray Fellow. He gave a Scholarship for new graduate students in Law, History, English or Politics at Lincoln College, Oxford.

He is deeply mourned by his partner for 40 years Dr Keith McVeigh, and by his many friends.

Thanks to Philip Eastwood [1940–1947] for drawing this to our attention. He comments that his name change from plain Shaw to Sewards-Shaw in about 1944 was the subject of discussion among the more junior members of the School!

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John Michael Siddall: [Heath 1935–1939]

John Siddall died peacefully at St James Hospital, Leeds on . The grandson of the founder of what became the Siddall and Hilton group of companies, he was educated at Heath Grammar School and elsewhere before serving in the Army in India.

He then joined the family firm, becoming Managing Director of Standard Wire in Copley and rising to become Chair of the Siddall and Hilton group of companies and also serving as Chair of the UK Wire Assocation.

A keen hockey player, he played for Halifax, became secretary of the Yorkshire Hockey Association and also became an umpire. He was also a keen swimmer.

He leaves a wife, Pamela, and three sons, Martin, Jeremy and Clive. Our condolences to the family.