Frederick Joseph Talbot OBE: [Heath 1904–?*]

Robert James Talbot: –1974 [Heath 1935–1940]

Anne Archer (née Talbot) writes:

I have only just found your site, but would very much like to include on your Obituary list my late father’s name and if possible my late grandfather, both of whom were pupils at Heath Grammar School.

My father was Robert James Talbot (October 1923–1974) and my grandfather was Frederick Joseph Talbot (March 1893–1970). However, I am not sure of the dates when they joined/left the school. They lived in Skircoat Green.

Kind regards,

Anne Archer (née Talbot)

* Frederick Joseph Talbot appears in the class lists for September 1904 to December 1906 (when the sequence ends); it is not known when he left the school. He is buried at Mount Zion.