1968 School photo

Peter Corbett kindly sent us a copy of the 1968 School photo, in which he is sitting cross-legged on the far right wearing a sports jacket rather than school blazer. John Stringer has kindly provided an enhanced version along with further names and Stephen Readyhough has greatly expanded the number of names on the PDF. More recently John Charnock has made a number of further additions and some amendments.

Obviously it is too big to be able to see the detail on anything other than a monstrous monitor. So we have added a version in PDF format to which we can add names if people send the details to the Editor.

All the pupils and teachers of the school arranged in seven rows with a rows of boys cross-legged in front of the masters and prefects and the remainder in the rows behind
School photo 1968

View or download the PDF of the 1968 School photo.

With thanks to Peter Corbett [Heath 1966–1971], John Stringer [Heath 1963–1968], Stephen Readyhough [Heath 1964–1971] and John Charnock [Heath 1962–1969].