Welcome to the Heath Old Boys Association website

The Association exists to keep old boys of the former Heath Grammar School in touch with each other. Heath Grammar School ceased to exist as a separate entity in 1985 when it amalgamated with Crossley & Porter School to form Crossley Heath School. All three bodies have their separate associations for former pupils and it is therefore axiomatic that the Heath Old Boys Association will eventually come to an end when the last Old Heathen walks up that Free School Lane in the sky.

If you are a Heath Old Boy but not a member of the Association, please join us in order to support this website and the charitable work of the Association. If you are a member but have not yet updated your subscription, please go to the Join us page and find out what you need to do. Thank you.

When the site was originally set up in 2003 there were only 820 names on our newsletter database, which was probably out of date at the time, though it included some who lived abroad in countries as far apart as Argentina and South Korea. So it was hoped that a presence on the web would encourage more Old Boys to get in contact.

In the meantime the Association does all it can to help and support the new Crossley Heath School. We provide Prizes for Excellence in Sport for a girl and a boy each year and a Prize for A level Textiles and have made various donations to the school while a number of Heath Old Boys are on the board of governors but our true gift to them is over 400 years of history and tradition.

In 2014 in was agreed that Savile Park Primary School would begin to move into the old Heath Grammar School building in 2015 following refurbishment of the building.

We make periodic donations to a variety of local good causes, for example, sport for less privileged groups.

The Association has an annual dinner (usually Autumn/Winter), an annual Bowls competition and a Founder’s Day celebration in June with all Heath Old Boys welcome to attend.

Do get in touch and let us know about yourself, your experiences and your memories as well as to update our database. Your contemporaries are certainly interested.

We do not have a formal contact list, relying instead on Old Boys regularly checking out this website, but, if you would like to have your email address added to a list of Old Boys interested in being emailed about upcoming events, please email our Secretary, Jon Hamer, to ask to be added to his list of contacts.

Our privacy statement is on our Contact page and, if you are interested in such things, you can read the website documentation in a PDF.